150 years first ascent of the Matterhorn

2015 Zermatt celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn. Throughout the year numerous events and activities will be held in Zermatt and throughout Valais to remember this impressive pioneering. The film "Under the spell of the mountain" is one part of the festivity. A 50 minutes documentary will be shown that focuses on the fascination of the mountains and especially it sets the Matterhorn to the center and the appealing quality that this mountain and its surrounding peaks have had on the people for centuries.


A film about the fascination Matterhorn

The film "Under the spell of the mountain. Borderline experiences between life and death" follows two rope teams on their way to the summit. During their ascent the protagonists explain what fascinates them about mountains and mountaineering. At the same time also the dangers on the mountain come up. For them the common Matterhorn tour is at the same time a memory tour of the in late colleague and mountaineer Erhard Loretan. Two rescue exercises with the Air Zermatt show clearly how complex and risky mountain rescues are.

Along, the main narrative historical events are retold. The focus is on the history of mountain rescue as well as on the historical significance of the Theodulpass as an economically important crossing of the Alps and as an astronomical and religious cite of worship.

Throughout the film the most beautiful places of the four-thousand-landscape around the Matterhorn comes repeatedly into view - in stunning settings and accompanied by haunting film music.